Home Exterior Trends in 2022

Published on
January 11, 2022

Home exterior trends in 2022 are all about sustainability. We look at this year's top trends and ways that you can incorporate these into your custom home build.

Home exterior trends in 2022 are all about sustainability. Homeowners are looking for home designs that promote energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, while still providing the home with a modern look. One way to achieve this is by choosing home materials that were made from recycled or natural sources like bamboo or cork. These eco-friendly materials not only look great but also save on heating and cooling costs.

Other trends will also include home designs that take advantage of natural light and ventilation. This can be done by incorporating large windows and outdoor spaces into the home design. Homeowners are also looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, so many new homes will include green features like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

Modern Looks

In home exterior trends in 2022, homeowners are looking for home designs that incorporate modern elements. This can be achieved by combining traditional materials with the latest home design techniques and technology like metal siding and integrated solar panels.

Sustainable Materials

Homeowners will also look to use sustainable building materials like bamboo or cork which reduce environmental impact while maintaining a stylish appearance on home exteriors.

Home Designs that Promote Natural Light and Ventilation

Homeowners are looking for home designs that promote natural light and ventilation inside the home while still providing privacy. This can be achieved by incorporating large windows, outdoor spaces into the home design, or both.

Modern Lighting Techniques to Illuminate Homes in 2022

The use of LED and OLED lighting in home exteriors is on the rise. These energy-efficient light sources provide homeowners with a modern look while also reducing energy costs.

Green Home Features

Many new homes in 2022 will include green home features like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems to reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint.

Why Homes are Changing

Homes are constantly evolving as we find new ways to improve and redesign them. The ideas of the past, if they are classic enough, will always be around, but new ones are constantly being tried as a way to innovate and improve. One of the biggest changes of the past two years has been the effect of working from home.

This has meant more people building home offices and home gyms in order to work from home, but also a need for more home entertainment systems. Homes are being built with media rooms so that homeowners can enjoy their own space while watching movies or playing games on the big screen.

Landscape Design

The final biggest area that is changing for exteriors in 2022 is landscape design. Landscaping has been a big part of home design for many years, but now it is becoming more and more important to the home exterior.

People are wanting their homes to stand out and be unique so this means they need creative landscaping elements that make them look great from the road or sidewalk. This can include items like outdoor kitchens with fire pits or hot tubs as well as interesting lighting features such as laser beams projecting into trees at night. It could also mean more sustainable planters and grass to reduce the toll on the environment.